About Us

The FACT, an Advertising firm, aids business owners in developing skillfully designed, up-to-date tailored marketing – the range of items they require to seem professional, prepared, and connected.

Syed Mohammad Haider Shah launched the FACT in 1994. Our services and products cover a broad range of topics, from outdoor solutions to tax management. Outdoor media buying, flower markets, and road furniture are all examples of outdoor solutions. The Tax Management Service, on the other hand, is in charge of all aspects relating to taxes that apply to outdoor campaigns. We have skilled and adept staff to organise and execute a wide range of events in the event management sector. Not to mention our full printing and fabrication facilities, which help us deliver entire printing solutions for our customers’ marketing campaigns.

We are proud to be connected with 3M and have been designated as a “3M Scotch Print Graphics Authorized Manufacturer,” ensuring that all of our work is covered by 3M’s best and most comprehensive guarantee, the 3M MCS.