Customized your home art decor?

UV flatbed printing or UV roll-to-roll printing

UV printers can be used on a huge variety of materials/substrates. Some of these include Perspex, plastics, wood, glass, tiles, metals, paper, cardboard, Dibond and Correx.

We provide a high-quality, professional design and print service, but also believe that this should not cost the earth. Our creative heads have an in depth knowledge of printing on all formats, any design concept they consider will have practical and cost effective solution in mind.

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What are the benefits of UV printing?

Fade and weather resistant

High photographic detail due to the high resolution

Flatbed and roll to roll UV printers are available so you can print onto rolls or rigid substrates.

There is no need to laminate a UV printed surface

Your prints will be scratch resistant

The finished print will generally have a more durable surface than a solvent printer

UV printers are environmentally friendly when compared to other types of printer.

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Printing lovely artworks

Custom art printing for family pictures, wedding photos, oil pictures, wall paper etc.

Home TV hall pictures advised size:

Sofa size: <2m 40*60cm+80*60cm+40*60cm
Sofa size: 2 – 2.5m 40*60cm+80*60cm+40*60cm
Sofa size: 2.6 – 3.2m 50*70cm+90*70cm+50*70cm
Sofa size: >4.3m 70*90cm+120*90cm+70*90cm

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SS+Acrylic backlit letter

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